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Help Please! Mid-Master Bath Remodel Dilemmas!

8 years ago

Hi everyone! I have been lurking on Gardenweb forever but I have found myself in a big dilemma on a remodel so it has prompted me to finally register and come to you guys for some advice and possible suggestions! Any helpful ideas and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.

So as you can see, I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Please excuse the big main photo that looks kind of weird perspective wise but I had to take it on my phone this afternoon and then I had to piece the parts together so if you see crooked things, they really aren't crooked in real life and it's just my non-handy Photoshop distortion work! I just wanted to try and get a good picture of the part of the bathroom that I need help with.

Let me preface this by saying I have never done a remodel of anything before and I have already found out that there are things I regret not knowing or doing or discussing beforehand. Next time I will be much better prepared! Thankfully the contractors working with me are very patient and kind and they have done some excellent work for my mom in the past so there is a level of trust there that is nice to have. They are also used to working with builders and others who know more than I do so sometimes they probably forget that I don't know anything at all...

So here's the issue I am having. Because I have never done a shower before, I was unaware that I really needed to decide on trim work and where the tile would end (i.e. would it wrap around the wall posts or would it stop before that (like it is now) before we even started in order for things to measure out correctly and everything to work together. When it got to the point of thinking I should bring it up and discuss it, the shower tile was almost all done inside and it didn't dawn on me that if I had talked to them beforehand, they would have measured the tile so it came all the way to the post corner and then we could have brought it around. Live and learn, live and learn. The contractors have been nothing but nice and want to make me happy and if I wanted them to they would figure out a way to frame it with a smaller pieces and then still use another piece to wrap around and even though I am considering it, I think it may open a whole Pandora's box so that's why I am here now.

Part of the issue is that I am planning to have a wall tile surround in the bathtub area (about 48" - 54" high) similar to this:

So I am not sure how to make that work with the way the shower is at the moment. We are discussing the wall surround continuing around the first post into the shower and leaving the left hand one by the linen closet as is but I am not sure how that will end up looking and I don't want to make any more big mistakes. I have also considered tiling the entire wall area around the tub all the way up to the ceiling but that would mean a lot more work and a lot more cost because it would entail having to go back to the shower wall posts and figure out a way to make those look ok and tile them all the way up as well. This would include about 18 cuts on each side to be in line with the shower tile and not look totally strange. Again, if I had discussed this earlier, the shower tile would have come all the way out to the edge of the corner on the posts and wrapped around so it would have been a much better looking option and much easier! And much cheaper.

Another option would be to do the tile surround in the tub area and stop at the corner and not wrap around but I thought that might look weird, too?

So do any of you have any suggestions and/or advice on what I should do? Everyone is on break until Monday so I have a few days but I have to have this figure this out asap and I'm just terrified that I have ruined my pretty shower by not knowing this before hand. I could literally kick myself but I am trying to make lemons out of lemonade here and I know you guys are so knowledgable and good at remodels so I am really hoping someone will be able to give me some great guidance. Thank you so very much in advance!!!!

Here are a few pics pre-tear out so you can see the space:

Here's mid re-model!

And here are the problems I'm talking about...

Help please!

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