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Master bathroom shower remodel in progress

last month
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Master bath remodel started last Monday. This is my first remodel so I am unsure of how the process works and if everything is being done right. When I question things with my contractor, I am told they have been doing this for 30 years and they know what they are doing. Attached are pics I have taken of the progress. So far my concerns are below:

1. Why did they only mud some of durock seams, shouldn’t all seams and edges be mudded?

2. The edges of the durock seems to be very rough cuts, is this normal to have jagged edges like that?

3. They did not want to waterproof the durock, is that standard, I thought it was code to waterproof?

4. Should I make them waterproof it and if so what brand is best and how many coats should be applied?

5. The corner seat was made of concrete center block and it is was bigger than I requested. Is it too late to ask them to make it smaller or will it ruin everything else if they rip it out?

6. Is it normal to leave partial old drywall when tiling all the way to the ceiling, shoukd they have brought the durock all the way to the top of the ceiling?

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