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Need decorating ideas for living room

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Any of you interior decorating pros like to work with a clean canvas? I need to pull my living room together. The small space was a challenge for new furniture. The sofa set and rocker is the best we found for our needs.

I would like to add curtains or shades. Seems like I need to pull a little dark brown into the room since the rocker is so dark. I would like to leave the large painting but I am willing to see different ideas. I plan to one day have built in shelves around the TV- I know the front door will be a challenge for that. I’m thinking of adding a wireless lamp sconce on each side of the single window. The walls are currently agreeable gray which I actually don’t like so I would not mind changing to a different color- preferably a light color.

The wall with the single window is 10' wide. The wall with the double window is 10' wide to the front door. The wall with the picture is 8' wide to the entrance of the dining/kitchen area.

Any visual ideas to complete this room would be appreciated.

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