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Will this kitchen reno ideawork or will it just look and feel awkward?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Edited for Clarity:

We are considering buying a house. Unfortunately, one of my major requests was to have clear sight lines of the main living areas from the kitchen. There is currently a small load bearing wall blocking the sight lines from the kitchen to the living room. A quote for removing that wall was $50K as there are vents and electrical in it. So we don't want to move it.

We are brainstorming another option and wondering if it may be more affordable: taking out the adjacent wall (where the fridge is) and reconfiguring/reusing the cabinets to extend the kitchen into the “dining room” and putting in a new bigger island turned 90 degrees to face the living room. My thinking is it would change the direction I'm looking out and thus see more of the living space. Taking down this other wall only was quoted at $10K.

Of note, we are okay without 2 dining areas. The residual space on the dining area will have an upright piano. See pics and rough sketches for reference.

The small load bearing wall will still be there. Would it look okay with the little wall there? How much would this likely cost? Is this a good configuration?

If there is no way to make sight lines work without putting in $30+K, I'm tempted to pass on the house.

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