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Which shower pan would you choose with this marble-look wall tile?

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We're redoing our master shower before we list our house to sell. We currently have boring off-white cultured marble shower walls and floor.

We've picked a 12"x24" porcelain wall tile and are going to use a herringbone tile in the niche, both shown below.
Now we just have to choose the shower floor. We did not like our previous home's tile shower floor, because of how much we disliked scrubbing all the grout and trying to keep it looking clean. We feel others may feel the same.
A cast iron shower pan is more than we hoped to spend.

The remaining options we've found include a plain white acrylic shower pan, the second option shown below, which I worry may look cheap and not hold up well. The other option is a marble-look stone composite pan, shown below with the wall tile above it. The veining pattern matches closely to the pattern in the wall tile, but it's more of a blue-gray, whereas the wall tile gray lacks any blue undertone.

Our walls are a pale blue, so they both look fine in the space. But do they look bad together?

Which shower pan would you prefer, the solid-white acrylic or stone composite with blue-gray veining?

Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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