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My Easter Lily is resprouting - what should I do?

last month

Last year I noticed someone in my complex threw away an Easter Lily in the original container abd wrapping from the store.. there were a few brow leaves but the stalk and most flowers looked beautiful so I took it to see if I could care for it. It dyed off slowly and I took the dead leaves off and cut the stalk down to soil level once it was super dead and almost a year later I've kept up with mild watering but never got to replant or anything and I have shoots sprouting up and even a "flower head" (i think) what should I do...should I leave it alone and let it do its thing. Should I remove the old brown stalk..should I replant it.. help please this is my 1st time growing a lily. Also, I live in Arizona and in a condo so I can't plant in the ground. Been moving it in the mini sun rays that hit my balcony and I move inside when it gets super cold.

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