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Tea - variations on a theme plusodd tea bags

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am a tea drinker. Lots of tea and various herbal mixes. Hot or cold. I grow and dry several mints, lemon balm, bergamot, verveine, thai lime etc… to add to my tea.

I tend to go through phases of green, various oolongs or black. Loose leaf or bags. Lately I have been liking super strong black tea. Over coming winter blahs I think. My mother is in a Lapsang Souchong phase - which reminds her of a Russian Caravan. I have mixed feelings about smoky teas.

Recently I bought a box of Scottish Breakfast tea bags. Scottish Breakfast seems to be much stronger than English or Irish breakfast tea. I think I like it and am thinking of ordering loose leaf from Upton tea. I know that tea bags are likely not to be of the highest quality but this is the oddest box of tea I have ever had - each bag gives a different result. Some fairly strong, malty and astringent - some very weak.

Starting to think about gardens - seed catalog perusing is a favorite winter activity here. Trying to think of new herbs to add to my tea making.

My late pup in the spearmint patch…

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