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WANTED: A treasure trove of tea from Granjan!

17 years ago

As I don't have computer/techno abilities, AnnT has offered to post my pictures for me. I'll post the description of my package in the meantime. Thanks Ann, for doing this.

Inspired by a newspaper article which centered on teas and teahouses in her area, Granjan discovered my theme. She set me up for a splendid tea party! Inside one box was a beautiful pottery mug with an infuser and saucer. I don't have a mug like this so I'm very grateful, and it makes a perfect cup of tea! Granjan knew I preferred black teas to herbal, so she sent me a set of three different black teas. I've had the chai and the keemun, both exceptional! The aroma is incredible! Granjan also included a very cool tin to store my tea. Inside the cup was a bag of blood orange shortbread cookies, which have since been eaten! The tea book is fabulous and discusses tea varieties, how to brew tea, and offers a number of very interesting recipes that I plan to check out.

To top it off, Granjan considered my oral health and included a tube of darjeeling tea toothpaste! I've never heard of this, but had a great chuckle upon seeing it. It's actually tea flavoured and quite gentle!

Granjan, thank you so much for this delightful swap package. I'll think of you as I sip my morning brew in my new cup! An awesome package! I just love it!


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