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Eggs. I have too many eggs.

2 months ago

I have chickens and my biggest customer for eggs is the B&B across the street. Last week we had a big snowstorm and their weekend group cancelled. They had taken a couple of weeks off, not booking customers, for a couple of weeks over the holidays to allow them to visit with their own family. As a result, the eggs are stacking up. I have 41 DOZEN in the refrigerator. My daughters will take some and we will deliver some to Elery's son and DIL Wednesday when we go to watch the granddaughter play basketball. I can freeze them if I have to, but I don't want to give up freezer room as I'd like to purchase a pig from a neighbor next month.

We've had eggs for breakfast daily. I boiled eggs and made egg salad and have some just in a bowl for snacking. I baked 18 of them in a sheet pan with various vegetables and my grandson is using them, cut in squares, for breakfast sandwiches and burritos before school. My daughter's golden retriever is getting scrambled eggs every day with her food. I've made lemon curd and broiche and a TikTok recipe that takes 6 eggs and a bag of chocolate chips for brownies, nothing else. That was terrible, by the way, and a waste of good chocolate. I've made flan and custard and potato salad and egg drop soup. I still have way too many eggs.

So, I'm looking for recipes that use eggs. I can make cookies or brownies or muffins or quickbread, but they only use a couple of eggs. I do have one pumpkin bread recipe that uses 4.

Anyone have good ideas and recipes?


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