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Bedrosians Cloe Tile from Amazon

D Davis
2 months ago

I think I may have made a mistake by purchasing the Bedrosians Cloe tile on Amazon. Does the Cloe have this many wonky tiles in their boxes or is this just a bad install? My husband is really handy and has installed tile for us before with no problem and it looked great. This is leaving me to believe that maybe the Cloe sold on Amazon are customer returns and are filled with uneven, bad tiles. The boxes they came in as well looked opened and rewrapped. When I look at pictures of installs online I don’t notice this much lippage or unevenness. Perhaps they ordered plenty of overage and picked through the tiles (we did not do that) and the Cloe really does have this many “bad” tiles? Any insight would be appreciated as we’re debating now if we should rip most of it out and order directly from Bedrosians, and start over🤦‍♀️

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