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Phyllite/fake soapstone countertops?

Hi Reddit users, I need help. We are renovating our kitchen, which has been a long time coming. I have been very attached to the idea of soapstone countertops, but for some reason, in my area, there is no soapstone to be had. I have found two places with "soapstone" and gone to see slabs, but one is called "black moon" with heavy veining and my fabricator thinks it is not real. I see that there is a lot of "soapstone" coming in mostly from India that is really a Phyllite/slate relative being marketed as soapstone but is a different natural stone entirely without some of the positives of soapstone such as heat resistance and stain resistance. I am posting photos below of what l believe to be fake soapstone. OHM is the most reputable stone yard in my area, but they will not be getting in any true soapstone for the next month. I have seen one slab of their soapstone and many photos online, and it looks entirely different- more speckled and without the schist-like layering that the (presumed Phyllite) seems to have. I am calling on any stone experts or homeowners who have experience with soapstone alternatives such as Phyllite to weigh in. I would love to know what you think these slabs are or any experience with Phyllite in your kitchen. I know the pros and cons of soapstone, and I'm looking for something very similar for every day use.

The first 3 photos are from one lot from Daltile, and second 3 photos are from another lot which was felt to be non-soapstone but marketed as Black Moon soapstone.

Appreciate any and all help!!

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