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HELP! How would you handle this flooring dilemma?

Beth Bickel
3 months ago

@SJ McCarthy and others who can weigh in with good advice, my husband and I need your flooring help! We just bought a solid pre-finished hardwood floor that we thought was “the one” after months of searching. We based our decision on the sample we brought home from our local floor store, thinking what could go wrong if it looks great in our home? The sample shows a much more consistent stain than what we were surprised with after opening the first box yesterday; it turns out there is high variation among the boards and this isn’t the look we were going for. Also, the planks are definitely pinkish and even purplish from some angles; this actually bothers us more than the variation. We’re really regretting not buying one box of it to check out before pulling the trigger and buying @2000 SF for our whole home…So, after sitting on this for a day and rechecking in different rooms and daylight conditions we know that we just don’t like the floor. Our options are looking like this:

  1. Request a refund because only one box has been opened (installer actually opened it upon delivery). We bought the floor from our installer because he was able to save us a few cents per SF, but we received no paperwork or receipt for the material. He bought it through one of his buddies in the flooring business, who presumably bought it from Bruce. Will Bruce flooring accept the return with a restocking fee? The installer doesn’t know but said he’ll check on this for us.
  1. Attempt to resell the floor if Bruce won’t take the return. This is a lot of flooring; where would we list it to sell?My husband and I are seniors and are familiar with eBay and Facebook marketplace, but aren’t aware of other options for selling.
  2. Forge ahead and have the flooring installed with a plan to sand and re-again down the road. We’re assuming the cost of doing that will likely be about what we just paid for the flooring and we’d have to move all furniture into a pod and move out for a week, but, we’d hopefully end up with a floor that isn’t pink.
  3. Install it and try to forget that we don’t like it. If there are any more options that we haven’t thought of, plz tell us what they might be.
    The flooring is from the Bruce Dundee collection, solid 3/4 inch, and the color is Inviting Warmth. We’re still not sure if the species is red oak or white because Bruce only describes it as “oak”, but guessing it’s red because of the pink. Our decor is coastal casual, lots of cool colors-grays, blues, very light gray/off-white paint, brushed nickel finishes. We were trying to get a light brown floor to bring a little warmth into the space but didn’t realize how tricky these light floors can be. THANK YOU in advance fellow Houzzers for your help!! We just finished a major kitchen renovation and couldn’t have gotten through all of those endless decisions without this site!

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