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Canning recipes, measuring, small batch

4 months ago

So I am wading through the last of my garden produce after an odd garden year. In particular green tomatoes… I just picked a few pounds of green tomatoes at my mom’s. I promised her partner to make him relish which is something I never have around or seek out. I can’t say I dislike it because I don’t ever have it.

When making a new recipe I usually want to make a smaller amount to see if I like it. I just made a batch of roasted green tomato relish - I made 1/3 of a batch which worked fine. I ended up with 7 pints. In this case I would like say 2-3 pints.

So canning recipes issues -

Most recipes are huge. Dauntingly huge. Especially when I have tons of tomatoes but running low on onions and peppers. Scaling way way down leads to some funky math.

Also the recipes often use three forms of measurements in one recipe. 3 medium apples, 30 pounds of tomatoes and 3 cups of onions. Also weird to divide.

Canning recipes have the added issue of needing to be safe. Especially since I waterbath can. Often I freeze canning recipes in which case I don’t mind altering the recipe.

Can anyone point me to a website (or books) with smaller canning recipes? A relish recipe in particular.

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