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Joanns, a new low

claudia valentine
4 months ago

I had reason to go into the local Joanns a couple of days ago and, just when you think that Joanns could not possibly get worse, it does.

They had filled more than half of the shelves with miles and miles of that darned fleece! I kid you not! That stuff is like the blob eating up the rest of the store.

I make no apologies for declaring fleece to be the most abhorrent and awful fabric that I have ever known in my long decades. That is my observation and personal opinion. I see it as a surrender of of quality and a prime example of an environmentally threatening consumer item that will still be filling up land masses after all human existence has ended on this earth or until it once again returns to being cosmic dust.

I simply do not exaggerate when I say that it is at least half, or more of the entire store. The rest is children's flannel and a lot of silly costume and holiday themed fabric and some piecing cotton of seriously questionable qualtiy. Just horrid!

Not only is there nothing there to sew a nice garment with, this store is a junk heap of disarray and jumbled mess! Sometimes a jumble of things can yield some treasures, but not in this heap o' junk!

I simply cannot believe that this stuff has taken over like some kind of weed in the yard that has taken everything else down in it's wake.

I was beyond dismayed to see this.

This is not the better stuff that you might find in a good sportswear vest or some such. This is the other stuff of "no sew" craft projects and quick gifts.

How low is Joanns going to go before they sell nothing more than quick crafts and acrylic yarn and just dont even pretend to be a fabric store? I think they are at that door now and about to chase that profit from cheap stuff right down the portal . That, sadly , is where the money is.

They are the only ones left and that is sad.

I just dont see how selling sewing machines can be sustained with so much of sewing having come to this state of affairs. I do see that the pattern catalogs have shrunk and I am not impressed with the offerings. They offer a lot of crafty things and are trying to republish vintage patterns. But, if you are going to sew those vintage patterns, you are going to need some fabric, as well as some sewing skills, and that is not fleece or piecing cottons that you need. Quite frankly, sewing on fleece defies just about every thing I ever knew or practiced in my sewing . Very little of traditional sewing techniques apply to fleece.

It is so hard to fabric shop online, for me. I need to feel it and see how it drapes. Otherwise, it is a hit or miss and just like the old days. we have to order it and wait for it to arrive. No more popping in to the store on an inspiration or to find something so wonderful that you just could not leave the store without buying it. Those days are long gone and faded into the past, so be it.

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