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denim, our "mother fabric"

claudia valentine
5 months ago

The explosion of upcycling and repurposing and remaking old denim is remarkable!

With most of our local fabric sources drying up and blowing away, this seems to be something that has come in to fill the empty space for raw materials.

Sewing people are using these old jeans, in particular, for everything from remakes of clothes to rugs to throws and lots of bags. Lots and lots of bags!

In the process, we see some of the hand needle arts coming back into play when they begin to embellish these creations.

While there are many a mundane denim skirt being made, there are also a number of people who really are doing very artistic things with denim as the medium.

Some things are almost cringe worthy , but some are quite extraordinary!

Ironic that some are now artistically embroidering patches over those purposely cut and shredded jeans! I think that is an improvement.

With so many things being tried with these old jeans, some ideas are much better than are some others.

Denim has such a hold on the American experience and it continues to be our "mother fabric" .

One problem, though, that comes up with trying to repurpose some of it is the fact that some of these jeans, some of this fabric, has spandex in it and, therefore , it does not behave like old fashioned cotton denim. The synthetic fiber in it ruins it for some purposes.

I have to laugh when I see how creative some are at using almost every part of pair of jeans. It reminds me of how some cultures of old will find a use for every part of the animal that they kill. I dont see a lot of difference in purpose between the jeans or the wooly mammoth, in that regard!

I think that this should be a catagory in the annual county fair home arts.

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