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huck toweling, anyone?

claudia valentine
3 months ago

I had a length of vintage huck toweling fall into my life recently. Literally, daughter was throwing down some things from the attic and it hit me square up!

I have not seen huck toweling in a very long time!

Does anyone remember when the machine that dispensed hand wiping material in the bathroom was real fabric? There would always be a lable there that advertised the linen company that serviced the bathroom. They would take it away, wash it , and re roll it back onto the roller and back into the machine. What they used was huck toweling.

So, I had/have a piece that is about the size of small tablecloth. Huck is touted as being lint free and used for polishing glassware and used in old fashioned bars and you used to see kitchen towels made from it. I guarantee you that I do not polish my glass ware!

I am experimenting with how best to use it and have made one the size of a bath towel and am going to give that a try and see how that goes. I made a smaller hand towel and put it in hub's bathroom. I am going to see if it is better to use in kitchen or after the shower. Not sure if it is better to dry my knees or my pots and pans. It does not have a nap.

As soon as I saw it, it brought back so many memories of the past. I had forgotten how those old dispensers had reusable toweling in them. NOw they are paper or that thing that will blast your ear drums with the blower.

Does anyone currently use huck toweling? It may still be available. I have not looked for it, but I do know that this particular piece has been aging in place for a good long time and was not purchased in the last few years. I have neither seen nor heard it mentioned for a very long time.

anyone remember? Anyone still use huck?

I hemmed a piece and did an old fashioned turned under hem to honor the age of the fabric as it predates the serger. It just looked right.

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