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need some direction & stuck w/funiture

Dianne List
2 months ago

I’m stuck with this late 90’s bedroom set. It’s good wood, wanted to paint but I have no one to help me move it outside to paint it so I’m trying to find a relevant/modern/ flattering wall color for this room! The yellow is making it impossible as well as the fact that I get a fair amount of southern light from one side of room but only later afternoon western light from the window in the picture. Aiming for a soothing calm atmosphere. This grey isn’t right at all. In the corners it looks almost purple at night and modern light bulbs just make everything look terrible in the evening which is when I’m in this room the most. I also despise this color of furniture right now! 😂 Can anyone help? Considered BM Senora Gray or BM Grant beige …I don’t know what to do. It seems like any other colors beside some kind of neutral just makes the yellow pop but the neutrals are chameleons.

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