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Need some help! 42' Craftsman w/ 15.5hp B&S OHV

15 years ago


I've got a Sears 42", 6 speed, model 917.259520, I'm guessing manufactured around early 1990's. Its got a Briggs & Stratton 15.5hp OHV, Turbo Cool, model 28N707.

I've got air, compression of 150 psi, nice blue spark, good fuel flow and a clean carb, and it will start and stay running...BUT makes an awful clanging noise from the engine. When I removed the air filter and ran it, it was spitting small amounts of oil out the intake box. The spark plug, which is newer, is also immediately oil fouled. The oil is new and the level is correct.

If it was a damaged valve or other major engine damage, wouldn't the compression be low or zero? Curious, whats an acceptable range or compression readings for a regular push mower (4-6hp)?

Its a nice mower in all other aspects. Is there any hope??

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