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gardening - raised bed or hydroponics.....

4 months ago

I live in south Florida 10b on the intracostal. For the pas 10 years I have had a raised garden made out of wood that sits on the ground. Every one of the years I have purchased new soil and horse manure and refilled the bed..... every year around August I have to dig out the nasty roots from the neighbors royal palm trees (they are a good 20 feet away but they are horrible). I have tried digging a deep trench and put a barrier between the garden and their trees.... but they come back! Digging through a royal palm tree's root is horrible. They have a fiber mat that can get about 3 to 4 feet thick... and there is no good dirt or manure left.

Instead of continuing to fight this year after year, I was wondering if anybody has had a raised garden on legs. For those that do, how well does it work for you. What kind do you use? I want to have interdermenent tomatoes (like Big Beef), which can get 10 to 15 feet tall. How do you think this would work in this kind of bed. What keeps it from blowing over in our gale force winds.

Does anybody have grow boxes. Do any of you grow interdermenent tomatoes like Big Beef.

Does anybody use a hydroponic system like the grow tower. Again my main crop would be tomatoes.(Not looking for the hydroponic indoor systems)

My concerns are wind tipping them over. I tried using 20 gallon pots, before I went to raised beds but they would always tip during our winter storms. Then they would break off when trying to set them back up.

I want a garden that actually produces.... In my raised bed system my tomatoes will look great for awhile, but it doesn't take a whole growing season for the royals' roots to take over. When they do I am lucky to get one or two tomatoes... not really worth the effort, but the tomatoes from the grocery store are just plain tasteless.

Thanks for any input