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Raised garden bed in a kitchen?

Trudy P
last year


I have a 8'x2' area in my kitchen that I would like to use for an indoor herb & veg garden. The space has windows West, North, and South. We're in zone 7.

I have a few container herbs and plants there now but want to expand to use the full space for more herbs, lettuce, etc. I don't want to water 16 different pots and think I can maximize the space by using fewer and larger containers.

I've had raised containers those sizes outdoors but can't seem to find a good one for indoors that won't drain water onto the floor or be extremely heavy.

Anyone have such large raised containers indoors or have a setup that makes it easy to water a lot of plants in one indoor area? Here's a pic of the space now; I can move the citrus trees currently on the ends to another room.

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