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Is your Garden Method Containers, Garden, Raised Bed or other?

11 years ago

I'm a big fan of container gardening.

I'm thrilled to see the popularity of it increasing.

5 gallon containers are perfect for Peppers adn Tomatoes.

I've found you can often get them free from flower shops, nurseries, discounters (like WalMart adn Lowes), etc.

Obvious advantages are you can totally control the soil environment, no fertilizer leaching, watering directly to the root zone, etc. My favorite part is that you can move your containers. Thunderstorm or hail storm coning? Just move it? A extra hot summer with drought conditions? Just move it. Of course, a layer of mulch helps in this heat. I love that versatility. Here's a friend and customer Marc Turners container gardening operation in the pic.

What is YOUR favorite method of gardening?

Fiery Regards,

Pepper Joe

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