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Irrigation to raised elevated garden bed?

7 years ago

So we live near lake Ontario (NY state) and get plentiful rain here so
no one has sprinkler systems (like we had when we lived in Colorado).
But I also want to add to my in ground and raised beds by adding several
containers to grow some additional veggies in. I'm very familiar with
the ingrown water sprinkler systems. But I think that I will need to do
the method that basically attaches to an outside water faucet with a
timer, backflow devise, and then T-off the 1/2 inch pvc to a 1/2 inch
PVC on the ground and then pop holes into the 1/2 inch and instal 1/4
inch flexible piping with the type of micro sprinkler or drip emitter
that will irrigate the plants. With that said, does anyone have any
recommendations on where to buy the supplies (kit perhaps) for JUST the
apparatus leading from the spigot to the back flow to the filter?? to
other items before you get to the T for the 1/2 inch pvc? Are there
online companies that could assist me in shipping the correct supplies?