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Combine 5-1-1 And Gritty Mix?

2 months ago

Hello, i am replanting a 10+ year old dwarf meyer lemon tree and was going the 5-1-1 route. However, i am planting in a large 26-inch patio container this time and dont want to have to increase the container size for several years. So, the 5-1-1 seems like it will break down after around 2 years. I also live in Dallas, TX where there are brief periods when i need to bring the plant indoors due to cold and very hot sunmers.

My question is: Can i use the 5-1-1 mix but add some of the components of the gritty mix to make the soil last longer? Will the gritty components just separate out and not add any benefits? Are there reasons not to combine these two mixes such as pH or nutrient conflicts?

I like the moderate water retention and lightness of the 5-1-1 for the summers and winters but would really prefer a soil that last longer than 2 years.

Thabk you in advance to whoever reads and replys!

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