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Planting in small concrete planters

last month

As in, what in your experience has thrived, what to avoid. I’ve read different things about whether the material itself has issues re: leaching out.

I’ve planted in some of these before but always in the good ‘ole Miracle Gro—so not knowing much about the drainage issues, and in my climate these will freeze & thaw.

I had ok success with things like Creeping Jenny, and some begonias( for annual color) but not with hardy ferns. Could be pH issue or drainage.

These containers are about 12” square ( 1 round) & deep. Most work be in part sun/ shade mainly because they’re too difficult for me to take down steep back stairs. One might be able to go to sunny site.

Goal is to use them to add layers to garden, mostly perennial things that would come back, even simple sedums or the Creeping Jenny. Don’t have to be flashy. But not high- moisture plants, as takes lotta watta through summer. I can make soil mixtures now such as 5:1:1or gritty.

Because, one of my first thoughts was Hens& Chicks, but that would need a sunny spot. Some sedums might need less. I have some Sedum ternatum that is blooming now and it may tolerate some shade. Thinking of those because the planters are too small for things that get big, deep roots, or don’t like to dry out.

If small boxwoods tolerate the concrete, that’s an option for evergreen. Because, part shade, deer.

Anyway, please chime in on what might work, what hates concrete, soil mixes. Including annuals for shade/ tolerate a bit of drying.

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