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was just gifted a starter gardenia bonsai

2 months ago

… and desperately want to start off on the right foot! Short intro, my mom recently passed, she is the reason I love all things green and I have many times considered trying my hand at bonsai as my garden is mostly different varieties of Japanese maples and conifers. It’s certainly what I’m drawn to but I’ve always been overwhelmed at the thought of it. So anyway, my coworkers chipped in and got me a starter gardenia bonsai as a memorial gift for mom which already makes it 10 times more special and I extra want to do right by it! The thing is, right now it already has a trunk that while thin is not thin enough to bend so I wonder if I’ve already started off on the wrong foot if I want one that’s a little twisty someday. I’m gonna include a picture of my tree and then a picture of the most beautiful thing I found on the Internet that I’m sure it took many years to get this way and ask if it’s too late for my particular tree to ever look a bit like that? And if not is there anything I should be doing immediately to work on the trunk part of things so it doesn’t stick straight up in the air like it currently does? It feels like if I bend it too much it will break Dot

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