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Are container gardening anaerobic soil considerations applicable here?

This is an active discussion at the Rose Forum:

“I have very limited grass / ground space on our lot . It’s as full of roses as can be , and I’ve honestly run out of options . I have about 75 roses in large pots , as big as I could find for most , but they take about an hour to water all , and in the heat of summer it’s quite the chore . It really just becomes a keeping them alive , not happy situation.

I want to splurge on these deep raised beds. They are 8 by 4 by 2 ft tall . I have all my pots on my back patio and driveway area ( we have an rv parking pad we don’t use so I use it for these ) so the beds will rest on the concrete. I planned on lining them with landscape fabric to keep the soil in the bottom ( heavy duty not the plastic kind. )

In my mind this will work and I can plant at least 3 climbing roses and 3 smaller ones in front plus space for pollinator plants I love .

This will allow ample root room , I can have more perennials/ annuals to soften the metal sides and bring life to the garden instead of just pots everywhere. Plus I think it’ll significantly cut down on my watering time .

Does anyone have any advice, or suggestions? Anything to point out I may not have considered?”

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