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Chicken Foot Soup

CA Kate z9
3 months ago

"my late MIL loved the backbone, neck and feet! When she had finished butchering chickens in the fall, she would have a bucket full of feet. The kids used to grab one each and chase each other around opening and closing the claws by pulling on the tendon. Lots of screaming and goofing around." Roxsol

It reminded me of my MIL. She taught me to make gelatinous soup to can. I still try to make all chicken soup this way. I can usually get pounds of feet from Whole Foods to make the best soup. And, of course, a bunch of necks and backs are wondrful too.

Once a upon a once, my yougest daughter's class was reading a book about Chicken Foot Soup in her 2nd grade classroom. I hade a huge pot of Chicken Foot Soup and brought it into the classroom... feet included. 40 years later I still have all the wonderful, charming and hilarious Thank You notes from the children. (Did I mention that drawings were included.?)

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