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found my dream come true bathroom design!

claudia valentine
3 months ago

But, It is Finland! And, I am not!

I stumbled onto a YT site of a woman in Finland who loves to clean and volunteers to clean up absolute nasty homes. She bills herself as the worlds best cleaner.

I enjoyed watching her make it all sparkle and shine.

But it was what was under all of the filth and grime that got my real attention.

She cleaned a couple of bathrooms and I was amazed to learn that how these baths were made is pretty common in Finland.

First thing is that they dont have water pipes running through the walls. The result is that they have exterior and attractive steel piping like something from Ikea. They dont need to demolish a wall of tile or sheetrock to get at leaks. Someone said that it was the result of the fact that their houses are built differently and they dont have that space in the walls like most of us have.

And, they have several functions with teh water, including a bidet. And, get this.....they have a hard floor and a drain in the floor. You can take that bidet hose and hose down more than your privates with it. My dream is to have a house, or a room, with a drain in the floor and a big hose to hose it all down!!! Apparently, even the toilet seat comes off for easy cleaning.

The washing machine is often in the bathroom in the average Finnish house. And, as seems to be true in much of the world, dryers are not common. Sure that some have them.

And, the floor with the drain reminds me of the ones that you will see in patient bathrooms in hospitals. It is made of some water resistant material and it goes up the wall for a few inches.

They are often small rooms and there is not room for a tub, so it is a shower.

Apparently, a sauna is a common thing to have associated with a bathroom.

I love the entire idea of an impermeable bathroom floor and walls and exterior piping that is nice to look at and also easy to service. And, the drain? Oh, the drain! That is exactly what I wish I could have!. I never could get enthused about an overly decorated and pumped up bathroom. But, one with a good hose and a drain is my absolute dream bathroom! Simple and honest is all I want, and easy care. I have no tolerance for pretentious froufrou.

As if a hose and a drain in the bathroom were not enough to get me super excited, the kitchen sinks that she cleaned were one piece with the stainless steel countertop. It can all be hosed down! Here the closet thing other that a commercial one is or what is called a farmhouse sink with a large drain board on it and a hefty price. In Finland they have draining cabinets where they drain their just hand washed dishes in a bottomless cabinet over the sink and just let them drip dry. Again, one of my dreams!

If I had enough years left to really concern myself with it, I would redo my kitchen with more commercial furnishings. Again, I hate froufrou! I want simple, clean, contained and functional and to be able to hose it all down!!!! We build so much pretentious nonsense into our American houses! Give me some exterior plumbing, a good floor, a hose and a drain anyday!

Has anyone ever lived in a place like this and care to tell us about it?

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