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See my bathroom choices over at Bathroom forum

Nancy in Mich
8 years ago

Hi Smaller Homes Friends!

Progress is being made on my bathroom remodel. I bought an antique vanity to solve the problem of what to use that is no deeper than 18" and can allow me to pull up to the sink if I am sitting on my walker - or heaven forbid - if I ever need a wheelchair. Then I spent months going back and forth on what kind of sink to use. Finally, we just went to showrooms and ordered one we both liked that was practical and left room for a faucet behind it. Photos of all of these are in the thread I have over on the Bathroom Forum.

I also show three different choices for tile colors. I stopped by here this afternoon to post a link so you all could go give me your opinions on tile, but I could not stay awake. DH and I went to show him the choices tonight after dinner and we settled on a compromise. I will go over there in a minute and post the choice we made.

Just a few more choices and a few more purchases, and it will be time to call Jim to tell him to fit us into his schedule!

My bathroom thread

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