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New Bathroom/Addition vs. Bathroom/Kitchen Remodel

13 years ago

We were planning to extend our master bedroom and bath to create more space and update the tiny bathroom which only has one sink and a combo tub/shower. The first draft included enclosing a porch area and thus creating more of a master suite with an extra room for the master along with more room off the living area, plus a powder room. The house only has 3 BR and 2 Bath now. Total added sq. ft. would be about 540 sq ft to the house.

The contractor would like (for about same budget) to extend our master bed and bath only ( a little over 200 sq ft with shower and walk in closet, no tub. Instead of additional extension, he would like to renovate our kitchen by taking out my adjoining laundry room (to be relocated to garage) and making it a pantry, then updating the counters to granite and adding an island. I can probably live with the current kitchen a little longer as we bought all new appliances about 3 years ago, including induction cooktop. I am hesitant to lose my laundry room for convenience more than resale - most houses in our neighborhood have the laundry in the gargage. The kitchen would obviously look great with all the features he suggests, but we are leaning toward more sq. footage being more valuable. Don't plan to move anytime soon.

Would love some input as to what your opinions might be - add the 540 sq foot or just add 200 for the master bed/bath and redo kitchen?

It is a single story house.

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