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Bathroom dust and how feasible is a DIY bathroom remodel for me?

2 years ago

Recently, there was a thread for those cleaning their own homes. Lots of great tips and experiences shared. Now, my least favourite room to clean is by far, the bathroom, specifically our ensuite. Not two days after cleaning the floor does it gets "dusty" again around the baseboard. Is this normal? The dust is dark enough to make me think it's clothing fibers. (No pets.) Toilet and tissue papers create their own special white dust that settles on nearby surfaces but is it normal for the edges of my ceramic floor to be impossible to keep clean for more than a day or two?! Thought it was something to do with the exhaust fan but it passes the tissue test.

Also, has anyone here done any extent of bathroom remodelling? I'm wondering if it's something I should seriously consider. I have the budget for materials but not materials and labour, you know? It'll be messy and time consuming but with the correct step by step, is this something I can do myself or are my shower walls hiding way too many unknowns to even consider this? Do I need as much brawn as brains? I am so fed up of this space. If I wait to save enough $ for the whole reno budget, it'll be years and time to move.

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