Wainscoting height for my bathroom (x-post with Bathrooms)

13 years ago

In our master bath, we will have a 4' knee wall in the shower which will be tiled inside and out in a basic white ceramic. Our ceilings are 8', so the knee wall is at half the height.

I was planning to run white tile around the inside of the shower at the same height (4'), as well as along the "wet wall" outside the shower at the same height as the four-foot knee wall for horizontal continuity.

Outside the shower, the wall above will be painted pale blue-green. Inside the shower, above the wainscoting will be 1x1 mosaic glass that is similar in value to the paint, again for visual continuity.

The wainscoting will only be on the "wet wall" and in the shower. Other two walls will be all paint. (Is all this clear, or do I need to try to sketch this up and scan it in?)

It had seemed logical to key the wainscoting off the height of the knee wall, but now I am second-guessing myself, remembering that maybe a 50/50 ratio for wainscoting is a no-no. Should I go a bit higher with the wainscoting for a 33/66 ratio, ignoring the knee wall? Or should I ignore my second-guessing and just stop worrying about every little freaking thing? (sigh)

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