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More First Flowers Open

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

A few more daylilies opened yesterday and today.

Kara Louise lost fans over the winter and has shorter scapes with fewer buds.

Stenciled Infusion - This bloom seems smaller than those in the past. Short scapes on this one too.

Siloam Double Classic opened with a trio.

This seedling is out of Tully Marrs. The other parent is either Venetian Pools or Victorian Garden Heaven's Applause. Scapes are tall and well-budded for a first-year bloomer.

Integrated Logistics X Olly Olly Oxen Free has such dreamy color. The bloom is much smaller (6 inches) than in the past (7 inches). I keep hoping the scapes will get taller but so far they're only 24-25 inches. I love the color of this bitone applique seedling that can also show extreme pinching in the throat sometimes.

Untamed Heart X So Irresistible - Scapes are shorter and bud count is down from last year.

Pink Extraordinaire X Cexy Samantha #1 - I like how this cross yielded red, pink and purple kids.


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