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MAC or New Dawn? House eater rose for DFW .

5 months ago

I have a blank wall that faces east by northeast it is two stories sloping to one story and it has no windows. There is no garden here - just grass up to the brick. Seems like a great open canvas for a house eater. I think I'm between Madame Alfred Carriere and New Dawn but would welcome other suggestions. The slight tilt of the wall to the north makes this wall have less sun than a straight east facing wall- so shade tolerance is a factor. Also, I live in Dallas with its alkaline clay and scorching heat. Here are factors I'm considering in the order of importance to me:

  1. Disease resistance - especially blackspot. This is the first rose I'm planting at this house but I had roses at another place I lived in DFW and therefore I'm well acquainted with blackspot. I don't want to have to spray this rose. Especially if I need an extension ladder to so :-)
  2. Bloom and rebloom quantity / quality. I have already dropped Cecile Brunner as I've heard the climbing version doesn't rebloom much it at all so this is an important factor. I like teh idea of this being a regular feature in my backyard.
  3. General health of the plant. I like a healthy looking rose plant but know the shade may create some compromise here. Would prefer to not have to fertilize too much. Especially anything not organic. I don't want to have to amend or topdress soil aside from initial planting.
  4. Ease of training - pretty sure MAC wins this one going away, but its on my list. Behind the others, but would be interested if anyone things New Dawn really isn't that bad. I've seen her but never had one so I don't know how bad it is to train really.
  5. Individual bloom quality / performance - I haven't seen MAC in person. Would be interested in how long blooms stay on etc. Both look nice in pictures. Other items above would be much more important though.

Any input would be helpful. Looks like there isn't much activity on the Texas forum anymore but Gardenweb was a great resource to me 15 to 20 years ago.

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