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How cold is too cold for bare root bagged roses?...

2 months ago

Taking a discussion from FB and coming here for answers...

My local big box stores her in Central TX got their bagged roses from Certified a couple days before temps dropped to low/mid teens, and stayed below freezing for a few days. It was unseasonably brutal for our zone 8/9 region.

The standard practice here is for the big boxes to put bagged, bare root plants outside for customers, but the bags were frozen solid when I found out they had arrived, though they had already started budding out.

My assumption (based in part upon failures following a similar hard freeze when bags were outside) is that at a minimum, the new feeder roots these hacked, sacked and stacked plants would be trying to push out would be killed, and likely worse.

Many folks say, "roses are hardy. They can take it," but I am skeptical. Admittedly this would be no worse than a zn 7 freeze, but with roots essentially exposed...

What do you think? Are these bagged bargains compromised?

(I have no desire to deal with "returns" at my local Walmart -- a maddening proposition. The wait in that line is interminable, and they have no concept of "customer service" there.)

Thanks in advance!

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