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Crossvine oddness

daninthedirt (USDA 9a, HZ9, CentTX, Sunset z30, Cfa)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I bought two Tangerine Beauty Crossvine plants in the fall. They were pretty dormant in the winter, but are now EXPLODING with growth. Oddly, one plant is loaded with flowers, spread all over the plant. Maybe a hundred or so. The other has maybe half a dozen, in one cluster. That's sure unexpected. Is this a characteristic of crossvine, that some produce loads of flowers and some don't? Is this the kind of behavior I can expect from these two plants each year?

BTW, Crossvine plants are marvelous. They replace a pyracantha of mine that expired in one of the terrible freezes we had. They grow fast, they climb and reach, the flowers are beautiful, and the plants are allegedly more cold-tolerant than pyracantha. I believe they're quite drought-tolerant as well, though I have yet to see how they endure a Texas summer.

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