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Design eye needed for an area off a club room

2 months ago

Hey, this area is seriously bugging me. It’s a little nook hallway area just outside the entrance to my club room/bar and I just can’t figure out what’s wrong. Love this fun painting, it’s colorful and cheery as you’re entering the bar so trying to make it work here. I know the scale of the console table seems off, but is there any way to add something to make it all go together, a decor item perhaps or something under or flanking the table? Or should I just take it away and just have the painting here (lowered probably). The table serves purpose for parties as I usually have fun treats or party favors on it. Dunno… You cannot see it from the front entrance of the house, and the other hallway you see leads to a guest bedroom, so I’m totally ok with going a little more funky contemporary here. Any ideas? Pics from different angles.

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