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Have a large Hot Tub at rental property that I need advice on

Michael Galinkin
2 months ago

At my rental I have a super nice hot tub, trying to find the brand name, but what I do know is that it was american made, has tons of jets from bottom sides etc.. and has always been amazing. I have a hot tub maintenance company that drains and cleans hot tub between guests and maintains it. It had a problem with a breaker flipping and they said it was from a valve that had gotten shut somehow, this is about a week ago. Anyhow, it started tripping the breaker again and now they say the Blower is wet and it either needs to sit for a week to dry out or it would need to be replaced and that is probably not worth it... Everywhere I look online I see prices for blower replacement with installation between 150-400 dollars tops for any hot tub. Why would the company tell me it is not worth replacing? I just don't understand unless I am getting taken for a ride. Would love an oppinion, this is killing me and effecting my rental guests.

Thank you so much for any advice.

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