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Favorite small countertop microwave?

3 months ago

Past posts on this are pretty dated, so wondered if anyone had any recently-purchased favorites. We are looking to add a countertop microwave with a small footprint. We have never had a microwave (I know, I know!) but would like to have something that could be used for things like heating up a cold mug of tea, heating a dinner plate, and occasionally heating frozen food. Models that just fit a dinner plate should be fine for our needs. Priorities are 1) reliability and then 2) small footprint. We also have a relatively robust toaster oven and will soon be replacing our range with a model that has a convection feature, so don't anticipate using the microwave for actual cooking much. Any suggestions of models that might fit the bill? Consumer Reports recommends the Galanz (which has the bonus of matching our kitchen nicely) but I've never heard of the brand. We love our Breville toaster oven, but their microwave is insanely expensive compared to other models with comparable features. All else being equal, we prefer knobs to buttons. What else should be on our list? Thanks!

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