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Favorite musical artist?

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Someone asked me in another thread who my favorite musical artist is, when I mentioned I had one. So as not to derail that thread, and because I think it would be fun to know others' faves, I thought I would start a new one.

I am a HUGE fan of music, and my tastes are probably more diverse than most. I have created workout play lists with tempos to match what I'm doing and if you saw some of the types of music included, you would probably shake your head in confusion. I made one for a 16 hour car trip I took once too, trying to match songs to the areas we'd be driving through. As a 57 year old, I will go to my grave defending the 80's as the best musical decade, though there's also lots to love from the 70's and 90's, as well as older stuff and current stuff. I favor rock and pop, but I even have a classical music station in my car's presets for those moments I'm stuck in horrid traffic and need to calm my nerves. In the late 70's, during the classic rock vs. disco wars, I fell squarely in the middle, enjoying both. I've never followed country music much, though current country may be changing my mind a little. very favorite artist is Phil Collins, from his early Genesis stuff through his 80's pop, a little lesser so his 90's stuff, all the way up to his Big Band project, which most people don't even know about. I all but bore a hole into my Three Sides Live album back in the day and as I mentioned in the other thread, no other artist's music can take me back to exact moments in time like his can. As a kid, I played the drums for a short time, so maybe I just favor drummers. There are many youtube clips of him and Chester Thompson (who took over as Genesis' drummer when Phil took over lead vocals) in a drum duet, but this one is one of my faves - so fun to watch!

So.....who is your favorite, if you have one?

(it should go without saying, but, tastes differ and that's a good thing - please try not to criticize others' choices.)

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