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(cross-posting in Kitchens to tap all the layout magicians there)

It's Time to start planning laundry-mudroom room remodel. I inherited this laundry room 6 years ago when I moved in, the previous owner obviously did not efficiently utilize the space. It is very important to note that:

  • This room functions as both a mudroom and a laundry room and is our primary point of entry into the house.
  • It needs to look good from the kitchen, since I typically leave the door open from the kitchen.
  • I'm okay with moving plumbing if I have to for moving the washer or sink. There is basement below this room.

I'll more than likely use the same cabinets as in the kitchen so I can make it look like an extension of the space (as much as I can, anyway...). But, materials choices are down the line, right now have to think about layout. What I do know is I am planning to go with front-loading compact machines, likely a heat pump dryer = no dryer venting to deal with.


  • A sink.
  • Lower cabinets or drawers for the purpose of storing laundry baskets with soiled laundry. (I can have plenty of upper cabinet space, but I don't want to reach up and pull out baskets, and I want it all behind closed doors).
  • Some counter space.
  • A place to store shoes that is not in the path of traffic between doors (no-shoes house; shoes are exchanged for slippers in the mudroom)


  • A storage cabinet for coats -- even 12" wide will do just to store our two everyday coats rather than hanging on hooks on the wall as we do now.
  • As much storage as possible. I'm okay with getting out a step stool to reach uppers all the way to the

I don't have a need to drip-dry or hang clothes in here, that is of no concern to me, I have plenty of room in the basement for that. Skinny table will be gone, it blocks traffic flow and won't be needed when all this is re-done, if it's done right.

The room dimensions are 82" long x 87" wide.

Photos of the current sad state of things:

Entry from kitchen:

My layout ideas to follow...

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