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Need layout help for a non-L shaped kitchen/dining room combo

6 years ago

We are in the very early stages of planning a kitchen remodel and I hope you all can help! I want a good idea of what will work before we hire a kitchen designer so I welcome all input. Looking around various sites I am having trouble finding kitchens that do not have a traditional ‘L’ shaped layout.

We are a family of six. 2 adults and 4 sons ages 9,8,5 and 3. We eat all of our meals at the kitchen table and while I am the primary cook most days I have lots of helpers. My current kitchen has enough storage for me, the main issue is we are squished at the table (and the boys aren’t getting any smaller) and are always in each other’s way at mealtimes when moving around (serving food, clearing table, opening refrigerator etc).

We are planning to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room - this is the stove wall (and is not load bearing if it matters). We would like to eat meals at what is our current dining table and I want to maintain the space we have around it. There's a bay window (on same wall as kitchen window) in the dining room that takes up all but maybe 9 inches of wall on either side, the table will stay centered on that window.

I am not opposed to having seating at one end of the island, for entertaining or perhaps homework, art projects etc, however we will never eat a meal at the island – no counter service in this house! I already feel like I run a diner ;) So if we can’t incorporate seating or can only fit one or two seats at one end that’s ok with me. I do want to lengthen the island in both directions- but not so far that it becomes a barrier to the refrigerator.

I am attaching the first floor layout and a rough drawing I did with current kitchen measurements. Also attached are various photos of our current kitchen and dining room to give you a sense of the space (note: we painted cabinets white last year. In some photos they are white and in others they the original wood. Just clarifying to avoid confusion, it's all the same kitchen). The house is a traditional hip roof colonial if it matters to anyone in designing this.

My thoughts for the new layout are as follows:

  1. Take down wall between kitchen and dining room
  2. Relocate stove to wall where refrigerator is currently
  3. Install vent hood over stove (it would be on an exterior wall) would need to find a new home for a microwave
  4. Possibly slide sink, dishwasher and window a few feet over toward dining room in order to have maximum work space between stove and sink – ideally have space for an upper cabinet for dishes to the right of sink OR
  5. Alternately if moving the sink and window are too costly I have thought about making the door to the sun room smaller so I can leave the sink location as is (although purchase a larger one) and move the stove farther down that wall (giving me several feet between the sink and stove). I’d replace the current glass slider with a smaller set of glass French doors.
  6. Move refrigerator to wall opposite window wall (where current glass cabinets/coffee bar area is) and recess our existing fridge into that wall to keep aisles wide. I’d like to keep a smaller coffee bar area with glass uppers on one or both sides of the fridge. We need the landing space on at least one side.
  7. Remove half or more of current pantry closets to make aisles wider at one end of island (you can see how much they stick out in the photo with the red boiler switch on the wall)
  8. Replace other half of current pantry closet with floor to ceiling pantry cabinets
  9. Put new pantry cabinets against wall where kitchen table currently is. Or potentially do upper cabinets here with wine storage and put pantry cabinets elsewhere like next to fridge. If we did this I’d love to do a small glass front under counter fridge here for wine, kids drinks etc. I also like the idea of the counter space in this location for casual entertaining or the coffee bar
  10. Widen doorway between dining and living room, or depending on cost (I suspect this is a load bearing wall) add a window opening above the counter here for sight lines and to let light in from dining to living room

I think I'd like to keep all existing appliances except the microwave. I'm hoping the new island will have drawers for pots and pans and a trash drawer.

I really appreciate any wisdom you all can share and am open to all ideas!

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