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5 days ago

We are trying to create a main floor plan that fits all our criteria and looking for another perspective.

There are several things that we would want to tweak on this plan, but like the overall layout with the MB, office and laundry all on a private "wing" on the right right side of the plan. We actually like the left side of the plan as well, with the Kitchen/Mud/Prep area, but it needs a few tweaks. I won't list them all, but with this layout I would actually swap the Mud and Prep so that the pwdr room can be accessed from the garage by walking through the mudroom instead of the Prep. It would still be directly accessible from the back of the house and screened porch.

Probably the biggest concern though is that with this layout is that it gets pretty wide, and isn't that deep, so the front elevation could look off (wide and short). It's also not symmetrical at all, which we generally like, though not required. We do like how the stairs have lots of windows, like one of our inspiration photos:

Here is a variation that makes things not quite as wide:

However, I don't know that I love this. The mudroom seems much smaller. We're a family of 6 and having a spot for each person to hang their coat, set their "stuff" (book, laptop, etc) in a cubby, and kick off their shoes in an organized fashion that doesn't require opening a closet door (what kid is going to do that) was one of our goals. That bench is probably only 4' and we were looking for 7'. We could ditch closet and make an L-shaped bench. This plan also bigger, 1920 vs 1906 sq ft, when we'd like it to be under 1900.

Perhaps we want to have our cake and eat it too (i.e. there is no way to get everything we want in the size we want to be at), but just curious if anyone has any insights or thoughts for us as we try to get an efficient and functional floor plan that can also result in an attractive, or at least not hideous, front elevation.

Here is one possibility for a front elevation for the first layout:

And here is one possibility for the second layout:

These both show 12/12 pitches on the main roof structure to add height. If we could go to something less, like 9/12, I'm sure that would save cost.

One thought I've toying with is could we pull the front wall forward, where the "nook" is between the entry and garage, instead of stepping back. This would create a deeper section there which would keep the garage peak below the left/right peak even with a shallower pitch. Or maybe it would look just fine with the garage peak being higher.

Like I said, we'd welcome another perspective!

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