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Please critique this floor plan. Also looking for ways to save money.

3 years ago

Here are my modifications:

-No tray ceiling in master bedroom
-Square off dining room and turn into 4th bedroom, door at end of garage entry hall, with closet along the top most wall that had the 2 columns. Similar size as the other 2 guest bedrooms
-Small coat closet in foyer next to 4th bedroom’s closet
-Breakfast area extended 4’ up
-Remove door from breakfast area
-Patio extended 4’ up to come to end of the breakfast area
-Master bedroom top wall taken in 2’
-Pantry added end of kitchen cabinets (right of dishwasher) with the space taken from the master bedroom. Will you have enough room for a door there? It can be more narrow then average or a pocket door. And maybe 2 or 3 feet deep.
-Take in far left wall (master BR/BA by half a foot).

Any potential cons/issues? I realize what you see as a con is something I might see as a positive but I thought it may be a good idea to get the perspective of some outsiders. Thank you.

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