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Back with a new plan for review…

10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

After a phone call with Doug and Nick over the holidays, we went back to the drawing board and found someone locally who is not only available to work with us, but can keep us on our original timeline to start our build this spring.

A 45 minute meeting Monday with some plans I made and a short Zoom call later in the week, and this is what we received today. So we’re making up for lost time!

Front entry garage was decided on for several reasons (access to front door, connection to kids/guests coming and going, landscaping/fencing options, retaining east overflow parking area for up-and-coming drivers, greater allowable width etc) so we’re making the best of it.

Active pre-teen son (11) in the basement (hockey training area can be closed off for other uses and accessed through the garage - my husband also plays and coaches and is very involved in youth and adult sport so there will be lots of hockey players of all ages hanging around... sound-proofing under the master bedroom IS on our list to discuss). Teen daughter (13) gets the bonus room suite with lots of potential for future use of the space as she gets older.

Exterior finishing textures were just a starting place he chose, but I would like a grey straight-edge shingle and white trim.

Question on stone/brick skirts - in Western Canada with snow/wet climate is it something that is a good idea? I prefer the look without… but my husband said they’re there for a good reason. Looking around our area, there are many homes with and without so I don't believe him ;)

I made some changes from the little I’ve learned in my short time on this forum...

I thought a consistent window height looked better, and losing the transom and extra height above basement stairs window left a lot of space so lowering those gables all together so it ties into the same roofline... better or worse?

One thing I didn’t play with the design of to see what it would look like was the columns, but I thought they should be tapered with a wider base… they look a bit thin to me in proportion to everything else. Also, I thought a wider step and columns on the step vs ground?

And rear elevation, over the master windows: I thought a plain gable would work better and tie in with the rest of them (instead of whatever that type is called). Any good reason to keep it as he designed it? We just have a regular overhang now and aside from occasional heavy rain, the windows stay dry.

On the floor plan I marked up the small changes I saw to discuss.

For the main guest bath my request was more privacy for bathroom use from the living space, so he added the privacy wall but I think moving the office entrance and great room opening makes more sense to me...

Thoughts on the bathtub wall build-out? That side of the house is a side yard with current hedge/future fence - and will have a concrete slab with air-conditioning unit adjacent to bathroom wall. I guess it adds 'something' to the right elevation... but not sure that it is something I like.

I know the dining room location off the foyer isn't a favourite for everyone from what I've read of past posts, but we are very casual in entertaining and the connection between the table and kitchen is important to us. I found a picture online and personally love it for our family.

I welcome all of the opinions here, and any suggested changes or considerations for the overall plan before I complete these markups as suggestions to discuss and send them off after the weekend. I trust our designer and he's been so great to work with in this short time, but it's nice to have many eyes (and so many decades of combined experience) give feedback.

I attached what I had in mind for the change to the master bedroom window (more privacy and furniture options vs two windows, and better for patio usage with grill etc.) as well as an ensuite tub/shower idea I saw to replace a freestanding tub.

65" alcove tub (I am 5'4 so seems like a better choice than a 6' tub for me) and I thought the knee wall on two walls with half glass + door. We have a full frameless glass in our home now, and the less glass to polish the better in my opinion.

My changes are the front elevation image on its own - and the original design is included with the rest of the elevations.

Thank you!

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