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How to interrupt sending an email?

3 months ago

I am running the latest of Windows 10, Firefox and Windows Office Professional 2013. Both were working fine. I recently pasted into a new email five or six screen shots as I was going through a website to remind me of the screens/steps I was going through. The screen shots were then sent back to myself just before 8am on Friday. Almost 24 hours later, I noticed that the email remains stuck in Outlook's Outbox. I have successfully sent other unrelated emails since. Reviewing the information in Outbox, looks like I copy/pasted about 48MB.

1. Does anyone think this size may be causing the email not to complete the sending process? I am not sure if 48MB is "too big" to send but I never received error/information messages when sending it. I have successfully sent other unrelated emails since.

2. I have already saved the information by other means so the contents of the email are not needed. How do I interrupt the email sending process to delete the email without accidentally screwing up something inside Outlook? High-lighting the email line in Outbox and right-clicking delete does not delete it.

Thanks in advance, Luis

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