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Proline range hood

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Hello everyone, the range hood salesperson told me Thermador has long waiting period and suggested me looking for other brands. I have read many range hood related threads and interested in Proline 46" range hood insert model number Hurricane PLJL INS.46.18D, here is the link 46" Proline PLJL Hurricane Range Hood Insert 18"Deep Dual blower (

When I googled Proline range hood, Bluestar Proline range hood popped up. 46" Professional Metal Liner | Range Hood Insert ( PM046ML

Either Proline’s spec looks good to me. But I hope to find more info from the users.

Proline doesn't mention a remote blower option. could I buy any brand external blower to work with it? I want to use external blower to be quieter.

Bluestar Proline doesn't have the noise rating. where to find it?

If someone has bought either one, could you please share your experience with it? Does it work well? How difficult to clean and how loud it is at the highest CFM?

Appreciate any input.

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