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Tapestry fabric reupped on kitchen chairs

last month

I've already upholstered the chair, and so that is a done deal, but I am concerned now about how to maintain them. First I am concerned with snags, and second I am concerned with dirt. Here's a photo of what I did:

These are chairs that I bought in 1989 when I lived in Culver City, and I've had them in storage in my garage in L.A. since moving to Westchester from Venice in 2009. I like them in my kitchen in Cathedral City now, and so I'm very glad that I held onto them.

The tapestry fabric is rather heavy and thick (making the upholstery job a bit more difficult than usual), but it's more comfortable than the leather that I had on the chairs before. I had reupholstered these chairs in gray leather in 1992, and I had to remove that in order to upholster in the tapestry fabric.

How do you care for tapestry upholstery? I'm beginning to worry that it might not be all that practical, but I have enough of this fabric to reupholster both chairs again. I also have other tapestry fabric I could use

as well as pink leather (which I have two hides of)

I am hoping that I will be able to maintain the zebra tapestry for at least a couple of years.

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