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Gen contractor prefinished hardwood install fail

Raquel Miranda
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My gen contractor said he could install my prefinished hardwood floors over concrete using glue. bought Sika T21 glue. There was pre existing old glue on the concrete so he applied a self level over the concrete then the glue. its been 2months and areas are moving, there are wide gaps between the boards, creaking, hollowness under many areas. 1500sq ft worth. He is in denial about issues of rhe floors andattributed the movement to Bona wood cleaner. i dont know how approach this. i had a floor person come in and he said it needs to be completly redone as it is only going to get worse. how can i get my contractor to fix this. i still owe him 1/3 of his fees. i want the job redone by a professional.

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