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Question about sanding and finishing pre-finished hardwood floor

14 years ago

Hello. My husband and I want to rip the carpet up in our sunken living room and put down hardwood floors. The rest of the 1st floor already has oak hardwoods and they are in dire need of refinishing. BUT we are waiting to refinish those until our 3-legged dog is gone (she is 14 now and her hobbling around does a number on the floors) and also because we want to redo the kitchen and will put in new cabinets so we figure when we rip up the existing cabs, we can hire someone to come in and do the floors then (the hardwoods go under the cabinets).

We've installed pre-finshed flooring ourselves before, but I always hated the V-grooves between the boards. They seem to collect dirt. But it is so easy and nice not to have to deal with sanding and finishing them after installation.

So my husband's idea is to do pre-finished now, and then when we have the other floors refinished, we can also have the new floor sanding down and refinished to get rid of teh v-grooves then.

I just want to see if this is a good idea? Will the sanding and refinishing the new "pre finished" floor work to get rid of the grooves? Or should we just do unfinished floor and then have to pay to have someone come out to finish them and then have them come back again when we are ready to do the rest of the old hardwoods?


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